We have many years of commercial cleaning experience, which allows us to provide superior service at competitive rates. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not hire part-time or casual labour. Our full-time employees undergo extensive training in order to provide the services that you deserve. We offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services in Kent, including the following:

Commercial Office Cleaning

If you maintain a commercial office presence in Kent, you know how important it is to project the right image to your customers. Our professional office cleaners understand that. We will sweep, mop and vacuum your floors as needed, plus we will remove any stains. We will also clean all surfaces, paying special attention to public areas. Additionally, we will make sure that your waiting rooms, cafeterias and kitchens are pristine.

Washroom Cleaning

We have a team of highly trained maintenance personnel that will make sure your company washrooms are operating at maximum potential. We clean urinals, toilets, mats, hand dryers, feminine vending machines, air fresheners and towel rollers. We take extra care to make sure that toilet seats are properly cleaned and sanitised.

Waste Management

We understand the importance of handling commercial waste in a manner that is environmentally acceptable and meets or exceeds current standards. We can handle all your waste management needs, including the shredding and removal of confidential waste, feminine hygiene supply and disposal, recycling and bulk waste removal.

Janitorial and Housekeeping

If you own or manage a hotel in Kent, we can take care of the janitorial, housekeeping and chambermaid duties for you. We can also provide these services in commercial and residential settings. Additionally, we would be happy to organise your laundry and laundry supplies.


We go to great lengths to protect the environment in the Kent area. We make sure that the consumable products we use are environmentally sound, serve the purpose they are intended for and have a pleasant smell. We only source materials that are made in an ethical fashion, and we provide the supporting documentation.

Specialist Cleaning

From time to time, Kent businesses need commercial cleaning that can only be accomplished using special equipment. Our experienced staff will be glad to perform those services for you. Examples include wood floor refurbishment, kitchen deep cleaning and steam cleaning.

Window Cleaning

If you want your Kent business to portray the right image, your windows need to be clean. We have custom vehicles that are specifically designed to reach all your windows. We also use deionised water to ensure that your windows stay clean longer. This allows longer intervals between cleanings, which saves you money. With our special equipment, we can also clean signs and solar panels.

Building Services

In addition to commercial cleaning services, your Kent facilities may also require maintenance from time to time. To prevent you from having to deal with a second company, we can provide those services for you. Some of the maintenance services we provide include electric, plumbing, heating, building maintenance and grounds management.


More Commercial Cleaning Services in Medway, Kent, and London

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Wood floor refurbishment treating and sealing
  • Valeting
  • Kitchen deep clean services
  • Periodic deep cleaning of areas
  • Commercial extractor cleaning
  • Jet washing
  • Steam cleaning
  • Canopies, smoking shelter, umbrella cleaning and sanitising
  • Flood damage
  • Highly sensitive area cleaning
  • Marine and aviation environments